Elneny points to the Arsenal He luxury, FA boosts morale before North London bureaucracy

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Mohamed Elneny, Arsenal midfielder 1st goal in the FA Cup third round defeated Oxford United 3-0 yesterday, revealed that it was a good training session before the duel. Tottenham Hotspur in North London derby match (January 15)

Elneny headed in an unlockable ufabet goal at Kassam Stadium as the team added two more goals from Eddie Nketiah to advance to the fourth round as favorites Manchester City. 

Which is a matter of the next few weeks. But now the focus has changed to focus on exchanging football. Tottenham still coop ‘Golden Spur’

“We know last night’s result is very important to the team. Because there’s going to be a derby match. equal to going to Spurs with confidence because they just won away from home, qualifying for the next round.”

“I understand that kicking The derby is a special match for all of us. Will visit with confidence to hunt for 3 points.

“As for the overall picture of meeting Oxford United, I knew from the beginning that it was a stone work. Probably one of the toughest matches of the season.”

“When opponents give their best in their biggest games That’s the reason for fighting. It’s good that we manage the team well. Winning out and getting through to the finals.” 

“Obviously happy to score goals. and help the team win the game.”

“Especially the last point is very special to me because this club means a lot. Breaking the net for them made their hearts flutter.” 

Asian handicap Arsenal visit but still Spurs P.P. , total score of two and a half triples -5